Pixelwix Studio is a software solution for live video switching or content media presentation.
Pixelwix Studio provides the tools you expect to find in a live TV truck ,from multi-camera switching
and audio mixing with title overlays, HD Movie playback, and even a network-input and screen grab.
Pixelwix Studio Features
•Live camera switching x4 SD / HD via USB / Fire-wire/ HDMI /Component etc.
•Real-time video previews.
•HD Media Content Players x4 with playlists
•Text Overlays
•Audio switching control via Asio Sound cards
•Auto video scaling
• Lean external switches to pixelwix controls including midi products using midi-note and midicontrol
data and qwerty keyboard.

Home Page here: http://www.pixelwix.com/proddetail.a...x_Studio_Setup