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October 2, 2013:
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Thread: Leo Laporte Hates Andrew Zarian?

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    Junior Member Colm's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    I guess if I turn on my camera and set my mic up and hit the broadcast now button I must be copying Leo too. I love original content from many shows I watch. The only similarity between these shows is they are all broadcasted on the internet. Yes the might talk about similar content but their views are very different.

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    IAIB Pro Broadcaster Spencer Kobren's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    I think it's fantastic that Leo is talking abut Andrew on Twit! It only illustrates GFQ's significant relevance in the world of Internet Broadcasting. Andrew should be flattered!
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    Sep 2012
    I think there is room for both Leo and Andrew in the internet broadcasting video realm... Leo's network in the past has been notorious for removing/canceling shows it hasn't seen strong viewership from in their eyes (or been able to make a buck off).. Those folks deserve an outlet to air their shows...

    ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, all get along and co-exist... There is room for more than one in the Internet Video Broadcasting frontier.

    Both places (GFQ and Leo's Network) have unique content that each other don't have .. and I think there is also room for more than one "tech" show on the internet. If anything having multiple tech type shows allows for even better content as each strive to provide the best.

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    Senior Member Podnutter's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    it seems like Leo mentioned andrew again on last weeks broadcast. I am trying to get the feed.

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    Sep 2013
    I like Leo Laporte, but haven't watched any of his shows for ages. I like a live show where I can interact with the show hosts, even in a small way.

    I watch several of the GF Network shows, in addition to thetechbuzz. I like linuxcooldude too!

    I have needed to limit the amount of live shows I watch. I need to allow time for taking care of myself, and for my own projects.

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    Member docizzen's Avatar
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    Columbia, SC
    Dogs don't bark at parked cars.

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    Senior Member oscarmartz's Avatar
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    Corona NY
    thats wack! Why would someone act like when ti comes to another broadcaster. I have listened to Andrew for a few years and he has nothing be great stuff to say about leo and everyone over at twit
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    Sep 2014
    I hope you all know about Captain Juno, he has a series of videos on Laporte. Here is one of his videos:

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