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Thread: Introduction To Internet Broadcasting

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    Introduction To Internet Broadcasting

    I am pleased to announce the publication of my e-book - Introduction to Internet Broadcasting.

    I have sought to write a comprehensive guide for beginning Internet broadcasters as well as provide an informative resource for the seasoned professionals. This e-book covers many areas and discusses both Internet radio (audio) and Internet television (video) broadcasting.

    It is available for the Kindle e-reader :

    and available for the Nook e-reader :

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    Moderator / IAIB Pro Broadcaster mcphillips's Avatar
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    Could you tell us a little about yourself and your book? What is your background? Can you provide us with a link to your Internet broadcast?

    Welcome to the IAIB.
    Please direct all questions for me to the forum so that all can benefit.

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    i started documenting Winamp Tv in 2004 and launched as a result of all the information I found.

    I have published several monographs on Internet broadcasting, computer security and documenting other broadcast software projects.

    I currently run an Internet video portal

    Thanks for the welcome

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    congrats and welcome to the IAIB

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    This is pretty cool


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