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October 2, 2013:
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    Tomboy Tirade 52 #Yummy Mummies

    In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven get babysitting advice from Singapore’s funniest moms Jasmine Han and Shelly Holly. We find out what it is like to survive imperfect motherhoods...
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    Tomboy Tirade #51: Comic Con Escapade

    "In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are excited to attend their first ever comic con. But things go awry when the tomboys run into their nutty nemeses Nuchtchas and Tek, of the Nutty...
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    Migrating from PodOmatic platform

    Any PodOmatic users out there? I am struck with PodOmatic in what turns out to be a bad marriage and I basically want a divorce from the service.

    I suspect there are errors with my iTunes feed as...
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    Tomboy tirade #50: Gotham city files

    "In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are taking their new stint as Gotham City Police Department detectives pretty seriously as a spate of iconic DC Comics villains go missing. With...
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    Tomboy Tirade #49:COUNTDOWN TO CANADA

    "Football fever has taken over Tomboy Tirade as the 7th FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada from June 6th to July 5th! In our World Cup Special, we are joined by Tameka Butt, Australian...
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    Tomboy Tirade #48: AGENTS OF G.E.E.K

    "This week's episode is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Persis and Raven find themselves as agents trying to escape S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters during an attack from some nasty Asgardians,...
  7. Wow! Thanks, Dana! :D

    Wow! Thanks, Dana! :D
  8. Tomboy Tirade #47: COMIC BOOK SHOP TAKEOVER

    "The comedy duo Persis and Raven, runs a comic shop this week in this comics themed episode of the Tomboy Tirade."

    It’s a slow sales day, even as the comic book shop is slowly overrun with...
  9. Tomboy Tirade #46: NIGHT OF THE NUTTY BITES KIND

    "It’s a Nutty Bites Kind of Night this week on the 46th episode of Tomboy Tirade! as Persis suffers from some serious peanut cravings!"

    She ropes in tomboy BFF, Raven to break into the Nutty Bites...
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    Tomboy Tirade #44: THE ASIAN INSURGENTS

    When the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven from the 'Chindian' faction bump into Asian funny gals, LA comics, Jenny Yang and Atsuko Okatsuka from the Disoriented faction in the dystopian city of...
  11. Tomboy Tirade #43: ADVENTURES IN ARCHAEOLOGY

    "This week, Persis and Raven embark on an Indiana Jones style of adventure of their own. Joining their quest for a 2500-year old missing lamp is travel blogger writer, and history geek, Candice...
  12. Tomboy Tirade #42: THE OSCARS ODYSSEY AWARDS

    "In this tyre-screeching 42nd episode of Tomboy Tirade, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven, are planning to illegally gate-crash the Oscar Odyssey Awards, a cheaper, China-made version of the Academy...

    "Persis and Raven have changed careers! The podcasters are now owners and ringmasters of their own circus, the Tomboy Tarts Flying Circus but as usual, something always cocks up for the duo as up and...
  14. Tomboy Tirade #37: The Winter Quest f. Samantha Swords

    This week, the tomboy knights set out on their winter quest to slay a dragon and save the world. Along the way, they run into legendary swordsman Sir Samantha Swords, a modern-day renaissance woman...
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    Mini MIC THING: Portable Mic Isolator

    Has anybody here used a Mini MIC THING: Portable Mic Isolator before or any other similar product? Any thoughts? Does it really help to improve the quality of your sound?

    I am looking at improving...
  16. Tomboy Tirade Ep 34: Horror in New York City [Halloween Special]

    It’s horror in New York city as psychic detectives, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven try to bring down the most evil force in the Universe, Necessary Evil with circus freaks from London, Andy, Grax...
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    We are very active on Twitter and do most of our...

    We are very active on Twitter and do most of our promotion there. We run a blog, along with our podcast. From our stats, most of the visitors to our podcast and blog come from Twitter. Twitter allow...
  18. Tomboy Tirade #33: Beard and Drag f. LaQuisha Redfern

    This week, the wacky Tomboy Tarts participate in a Beard and ‘Stache Gathering in Wellington, New Zealand where the world’s favourite bearded drag queen, LaQuisha St Redfern and her cat are one of...
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    Tomboy Tirade: In Search of Deluka

    Holy keyholes! It's a claustrophobis episode of door lock proportions!
    As LA-based, Birmingham-born band, Deluka find themselves locked in the recording studio, the Tomboy Tarts,Persis and Raven...
  20. Sometimes I wonder if we need a Podcast...

    Sometimes I wonder if we need a Podcast equivalent of YouTube, a platform with a critical mass where everybody can easily go there to find, watch and upload podcasts. There is still a barrier of...
  21. Tomboy Tirade Ep 32: In Search of Hollywood Boulevard with Paul Cram and Kyle Hester

    This week, the Tirade tomboys find themselves on the streets of LA in Hollywood this week as they bump into actors, Kyle Hester and Paul Cram who are on their way to an audition.

    What is it...
  22. Tomboy Tirade: Ride N' Seek with Harley biker babe Jamie Dempsey

    It's a tough Sunday for Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven, when their Harley Sportsters break down on a highway in Borneo. Great! What's next, eh?

    With no signal on Persis' phone, it looks like our...
  23. Recording a Skype Interview on Android Phone

    We are going to conduct a Skype interview with a guest who is using a Sony Xperia Ion Android phone. We only need his voice track as we are recording our own tracks on our end. This is a plan which...
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    Tomboy Tirade is not for everyone and it's fine...

    Tomboy Tirade is not for everyone and it's fine by us :)

    The beauty about podcasting is that it gives us the opportunity to create our own show and build our own audience base. And the...
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    Tomboy Tarts is actually an explicit no-bold...

    Tomboy Tarts is actually an explicit no-bold barred comedy chat podcast so we hosts are loud, over the top and occasionally irreverent and NFWS, just like our real selves. But it's all in good fun :)...
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