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October 2, 2013:
Bambuser Adds Restrictions To Free Streaming

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Regarding the C2K chat, I would love to spend around 1k for a PC but I really prefer a rack-mount system and that limits my options. Mike helped clarify my goal as having more to do with form-factor vs. a particular computer. Perhaps I should have restricted my questions to internal components. Anyway, any advice you may provide is appreciated.

  2. Say Andrew,
    I've been eyeing the Axia Radius Console and wondering if its strictly designed for the PC? I read the product information and it seems to be the case but I wanted to make sure. Been a Mac user since the early 80's so I prefer to stick with it.

    Anyway, I realize you're likely packing up for your vacation so its no big hurry but when you have time please let me know.
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