View Full Version : Looking for a few staff members for my show

02-27-2013, 06:57 PM
Hello, As it winds down to crunch time, I am looking to fill a few positions on my show.
All positions are for now without pay.

1. Show manager
This position requires one to represent the show to potential sponsors and advertisers. You will also communicate with agents/representatives of celebrities I desire to guest appear on the show.You will basically be working with me behind the scenes towards the goal of how best to generate revenue and expand the listener demographic, This includes market researching and watching website viewer stats, Alexa ranking, stitcher ranking and other net based rankings.You will have carte blanche in regards to assembly of promotional package ideas, So your creativity will be key. In short, You will be the booker as well as promotional director and the bridge between the show and the public or other potential business partners.This is an entirely off air role.

2. News anchor
You will be responsible for combing the web for not only major news, but for recent yet obscure and interesting news. You'll present it on air twice during the show. This position is also responsible for reading and addressing, on air ,interesting chatroom happenings and managing skype calls. An important detail is that this position has a lite presence on the mic, It's not the official cohost position.

03-01-2013, 05:15 AM
To be honest with you bushido, I don't think that people will be able to dedicate the time to that for free.

03-01-2013, 06:33 AM
you know, I was thinking that last night.
I don't want to look like some unrealistic A-hole here, so what would you or anyone think is a fair compensation for something like this? I would be all for a salary if the show begins to pull in revenue, but at present ,it's hard to justify that.

Brutish Sailor
08-17-2013, 11:26 PM
I might be interested in a position. Hell, both.

Why the hell not. I am a sailor, and go to sea. Sometimes I might disappear off the face of the earth. BUT, as an added bonus, I will give you the time of day, and I can generate content in my sleep. I went with dubstep for my show because its just such a difficult nitch for me, and I needed a challenge.

But if your shows half interested, I could generate revenue all week, this isn't that hard. Get you hosted as well for your broadcast bandwidth.

Brutish Sailor
08-17-2013, 11:46 PM
Actually let me pitch this right now. I used to use a web host that was awesome, just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

So fast forward, I was helping this disabled guy set up his radio station in my back end (Im a US Sailor, I do this for free a lot for disabled vets and others that are too poor to do so, we are the 99 % lol)

And I stumble upon him. He has his own gig going on as an independent commercial content distributor.


So, If your running a podcast (I dont hold this against you, but Im a 24/7 hobby streamer, wear all the hats in your station, and you constantly gawk at podcasters)

I would host your content as "on demand" content from an Icecast server.

WHY you ask?

because you could write a launch script like this:


(YOUR URL) (mount) commercial
(your url) (mount) first part of your show
(your Url) (mount) commercial
(your Url) (mount) second part of your show



This allows you a couple of extra things pod heads never think of. Like being able to conserve bandwidth for 1. For 2, make your media very cross platform and accessible quickly. You hold the content, not you tube, or someone else profiting off your work, so you host it, and you make it fly, and its YOURS, and no one elses.

Downloading shows, or making them on demand with you tube is nice, but without launch scripts, you just cant brand as easy, or use your own codecs of choice, add alot of features, that you could otherwise.

You should consider this. Most commercial sponsors like the idea of streaming commercials because its easier for them to monitor your server stats real time, and see the IP's that are viewing your show, to know if their commercials are being heard by a local consumer group/demographic.