View Full Version : How can I eliminate keyboard clicking from being audible in game streams ?

03-03-2016, 05:46 PM

I recently bought a Rode Procaster, Zoom UAC2, Triton Fethead, DBX 286S, the appropriate balanced cables, shock mount and desk swivel stand to use for Twitch streaming.

To set up the DBX I followed this video:


Whilst the microphone sounds good it picks up keyboard and mouse clicks. I ensured I did the correct research by picking up a dynamic cardioid mic and a compressor with an expander/gate. However it seems I failed somewhere either by product selection or not setting it up properly.

How can I eliminate these noises from being picked up? Whilst the video above is probably good for Podcasting/Broadcasting what do I need or what do I need to adjust please for live game streaming?

Thank you