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07-24-2014, 09:51 PM
Download it at www.vmix.com.au (http://www.vmix.com.au)

Release Notes for vMix 13 - 22 July 2014

Dual Fullscreen Outputs added to vMix 4K Choose from any combination of Preview, Output, MultiView and Inputs for each output
New MultiView output option with Titles and Audio Meters displayed alongside previews
Output preview in main window can be toggled to preview recording or external output
AJA Kona 3G Quad supported for both input and output
Support for additional AJA devices will be added in future updates
Brand new audio engine with advanced mixing features
Support for independent headphones output with Solo control
Support for two independent mix buses in addition to Master output
Compression and gain can be configured on each output independently
Audio mixers can be collapsed vertically like Inputs
Audio mixer can be undocked from main window and displayed on separate screen
Improved recording stability on slower machines
Added support for recording individual audio inputs
Added ability to split files seamlessly at regular intervals
Added cog icon in MultiCorder to configure codec settings
Added support for Elgato Game Capture and LGP Stream Engine
Inputs in presets that fail to load will now be loaded in Offline mode Right click Reset can be used when the devices come back online
Inputs can be changed to other sources whilst preserving all settings Stream input will attempt reconnection if no video received for 5 seconds
Stream input now supports Digest Authentication for RTSP cameras
Luma Key support added
Key/Fill support added
Custom Mouse Click action added for Inputs.
Change the click action from Preview to direct Output or turn on or off an Overlay channel.
DesktopCapture now supports capturing hidden windows on local machine in Windows 8 and Windows 7 in aero mode.
Added additional low latency External Output option for DeckLink cards
This appears under the Device dropdown menu as the devices model name instead of Decklink Video Render
Added ability to split files seamlessly at regular intervals
Improved MPEG-2 reliability and image quality when highly complex scenes are recorded at low bit rates
Improved AVI compatibility with editing programs
Added support for changing images dynamically in Title Editor
Import/Export support added for Presets in CSV format
New CDN API allows the selection of streaming providers directly from the Streaming window
Added support for separate stream names using ; symbol
Added support for additional IP cameras
Virtual Sets
Added support for UV mapping to allow for reflections and multiple background screens
Blank Virtual Set template added to make it easy to create custom sets
Added demo UV virtual set template provided courtesy of VirtualSetWorks
Added various shortcuts to support new audio features
Added Still Image Snapshot shortcut with configurable filename
WriteDuration includes milliseconds for accurate editing
User Interface
New Record, External, Stream, MultiCorder and PlayList buttons with red indicators
Improved Add Input window with icon indentification
Improved Streaming window with Quality (Compression) profiles
Added Recent Presets dropdown menu underneath Open Preset
T-Bar (Fade bar) will now automatically play/pause video as required
Tooltips added to main user interface buttons and controls
New REC, EXT and STREAM indicator displays under Output
Manual mode added to allow moving through PlayList items manually

07-25-2014, 04:24 PM
Wow. Need to try it out. From the looks of it ... Looks to be awesome!

07-25-2014, 08:54 PM
Free 60-day trial of the 4K version - here (http://www.vmix.com.au/download.aspx).

08-05-2014, 02:10 PM
Might there be a change to "That vMix Guy?" ;)

08-05-2014, 05:13 PM
Might there be a change to "That vMix Guy?" ;)

:) Thanks, Craig!

Decided to broaden my horizons with the new show: Streaming Idiots on Wednesdays after "That VidBlaster Guy!" There we cover software switchers (actually using Wirecast to encode & vMix to produce), cams, capture cards, mixers, mics, CDNs and more. The show is designed for the average guy with little to no budget. Still in betas, but attracting a diverse and weird audience.

Maybe you could come on as a guest for a show... maybe?