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07-17-2014, 05:59 PM
Youtube - Live Events and Hangouts on Air

What is the best way to live stream on Youtube?
Each of these streaming options has it's own approach to viewers and producers.

Hangouts on Air is now prepped to be the home for Google Voice as well.
More specifically, if you want to use Google Voice a Google + account will be required along with hangouts.
Hangouts and Hangouts on Air also require a Google+ account.

I've not been reviewing "youtube live events" for new tie ins to other Google services, but I imagine they are in the works.

Youtube is the big daddy or king daddy if you want your videos viewed.
Afterall, Google and Youtube are the number one and number two search engines respectively.
So, you can't get better results to bring viewers to your videos unless you are very SEO savvy.

The live events and hangouts leave me cold, yet I'm thinking one or the other has gotta be used for promotion of videos.
The Hangouts on Air I've observed are usually just a couple of like minded people talking unceasingly with some information of value laced into their chit chat. Mostly, I get bored when I watch Hangouts, and have to drink strong black coffee to stay awake.

Maybe some others reading this could jibe in and share some constructive information about one or the other of the youtube live stream options.

07-21-2014, 08:53 PM
I've spent the past week setting up with my camcorder, voicemeeter, Vb-virtual cable, etc. for live streaming. The voicemeeter is a pretty exciting tool, but it is difficult to get it working correctly. I've got it working, but I'm not going to brag about it.

The youtube streaming options look attractive with the price of free streaming and a prepared search tools. Recently, the guy that was the big push behind Google+ left Google. That has created alot of talk, and I can understand why. Google+ is a nightmare software to be tacking onto the top of youtube. Youtube software isn't the easiest package to work with, and then when you push everything to one core account with multiple channels. I don't know where I am for the most part.

The hangouts on air, live events and regular youtube videos it would appear are being bonded and tied in with Google Plus. The search engine is the best answer to that, but Google+ is not a good youtube partner.

Yes, the price is right. Yet, I'm thinking it is probably better to just go with a live stream service. Save my files and put them on my website for viewing. If I can get just continue to upload my video files to youtube without having to do Google Plus. I can just embed the links on my website and play them. After the videos have been streamed it would be just fine.. I might even do some post editing on them as well.

Google may have gone too far trying to integrate live streaming, videos, profiles of people, circles of people, etc. into one consolidated lump of dump called Google Plus.

Google+ is probably a fantastic tool for business. Look at all the junk postings that have accumulated on your Google plus account from people and businesses you have never heard of. Look at all the non-relevant content on your Google plus page that is driven by Google. Seems kind of contrary to me, since Google has always emphasized relevant content by website developers for good SEO treatments by Google algorithms.


I have now learned - there is no way you can do YOUTUBE without having a Google Plus account. So, if you are going to use Google you better think about what you want to share, and how you want to share it. Google is trying to push everything to ONE personal core account with spin offs for everything else.

If you don't want to share everything, appreciate privacy and not have everyone know intimate information abour yourself, then you better attend to some type of strategy to inhibit harvesting and storing your information on the internet.

One thing you can do. Use a browser like FireFox. It is not part of the Operating system and more difficult to hack into your computer. MSFT Explorer is like a key into your MSFT operating system, because it is part of the OS. Google Chrome is an information harvesting tool on steriods.
You can use tools and options in Firefox (mozilla) and have it delete all your internet activity including history, cookies, passwords, etc. when you exit the browser. You will be inconvenienced, but you will not be sharing with the world where you have been, and provide information that is very telling about your person.

Yes, you can delete your history and internet activity with almost every browser. You are told that, but over the past few years we have all learned internet activities and postings are recoverable. Maybe, not easily...but still recoverable. The US IRS is about to learn that lesson, and Lois Lerner is going to get her hand spanked.

The future is here - Individuals are going to have to be smart and computer savvy to protect their own privacy and secure their information about themselves.

Google+ is not the only invasion tool, there are many others...along with government. Think judgematically... Judgematically --- yep, like you are before the judge in a court room. How will what you say and do be interpreted or you may learn some hard lessons.