View Full Version : Before You Post, Does Your Podcast Sound Clear and Crisp? ($1.25/min of raw audio)

05-12-2014, 01:26 PM
Hi, my name is Evan Wilder, I am a podcast editor for Flowly Audio.

Outlining your podcast is necessary so your episode is concise and straightforward.
Having the right equipment is necessary so your viewers can continue to listen to your show.
And then, we have to edit out the podcast immediately afterwards - which adds more time to our own ordeal of just getting your podcast out there to the world.

As a podcast editor, this is what I do:
- I remove the "errs", "ahhs", "like(s)", and the "you know"(s) so you can speak like a pro to your audience.
- I remove the popping sounds in your microphone so people can relax without wondering what sound the letter "s" makes.
- I even post up the podcast episode in its rightful channel (Libsyn, Podomatic, Stitcher, iTunes, and others) so people can find your podcast right away.
- I do this on time in case your audience is accustomed to a schedule.

But most of all, I give you time so you can grow your show to a notable size audience.
I usually do this for $1.25/min of your (raw) podcast. My turnaround times are also 1-2 days.
Have your podcast edited in a way that your listeners can enjoy and be satisfied or you don't pay for anything.

For more information,
contact me at flowlyaudio@yahoo.com.

Looking to try me out, send your podcast episodes to flowlyaudio@yahoo.com.